There are some rules, but they kept to be free.
As you know, they were created to enjoy everybody without any worry.
So please understand them and MUST keep them.
If you broke some rules, please confess as soon as possible.

~ Main Rules ~

1. No Damaging Other Players without their permission.
2. No Stealing Items.
3. No Vandalizing Another Person’s Constructions.
4. Do Not Build Within Territory already Occupied by Other Players.
5. No Seizing the Land Owned by Others.
6. Mining must be limited to Resource Worlds Only.
7. Do Not Create Player Traps. This includes 1×1 tall holes or placing Lava/Cactus gratuitously.
8. Do Not Build something that will Cause Lag that affects the entire server.
9. Mob Trap Tower is Not Allowed.
10. All Redstone Clocks Must Have an Off Switch.
11. Do Not Logout with your Redstone Clocks Running.
12. Offensive item/mob names, skins, structures, etc. are Not Allowed.
13. Claiming Large Territory in the Main World for Improper Purposes is Not Allowed.
14. No Abandoning Your Territory without any works.
15. Do Not Abuse Bug.
16. Do Not Be Rude to Other Players.
17. No Chat Spam.
18. Do Not Attempt to Deceive Someone.
19. No Making False Reports.
20. No Advertising Other Server.
21. Do Not Doxx Players, or Reveal Your/Other’s Personal Information.
22. You should Replant Crops/Restore the Number of Animals on Public Farm.
23. You cannot Build Within 3 Blocks from Other Builds.
24. Please Create a Landmark when you build something Under the Ground.
25. Maximum of 25 of each Entities per Chunk.
26. We ask that you are Patient and Cordial with our Staff.
27. Any other action that will give somebody an Unpleasant Feeling is Not Allowed.

※Entitiy・・・Item Frames, Painting, Mobs, and so on.

※1 chunk・・・the area consisted of 16*16 blocks


~Allowed Mods or Tools~

  1. Optifine・BetterFPS・Sodium・Lithium・Phosphor
  2. SpawnChecker
  3. SignPicture・SignPic・MarumaSign
  4. CIT resewn
  5. To straighten up your inventories or chests
  6. To add Sounds or 3D effects(ex: Matmos)
  7. What is prerequisit(ex: LiteLoader)


~What we will NOT support~

  1. Item lost caused by resetting resource worlds (done per month)
  2. Damages you did not protect (Stealing or Breaking)
  3. Item lost caused by PvP or PvE
  4. When you don’t keep these rules.


~What we want you to agree~

  1. The building not kept rules may be moved or removed.
  1. When you don’t join the server, the plot you own next to the spawn point of Main World is can be moved or removed if necessary.

Password of the tutorial: passione23kaede

Type “/passione23kaede”, then you can open the locked door. 


Created: 2018/12/27 17:08

Last update: 2019/01/02 19:51

Translated by yossy_zip and Lara2MeRRY_yui