【UPDATE】1.17 !!!

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Today, Solo Server is changed to Minecraft 1.17!

We created a new 1.17 world, and new player spawns in 1.17 world.

If you play now in 1.16, you can either stay there or go to new 1.17 world.

Please check below cautions.


For moving to 1.17 player

  • Items you have or in your enderchest can be held.
  • You CANNOT take over your buildings in 1.16 world.
  • You CANNOT return to 1.16 world.
  • Some information such as your home location will be reseted.
  • If you join a team, you will be no longer its member.


For staying in 1.16

  • World structure of it is 1.16, but its game system is 1.17.


To go 1.17, type below commands



/reteleport confirm